Past, Present, and Future of Laptop Computers

September 22, 2014

Laptop computers are becoming more and more popular and there is a reason for that. Laptops have advantages that can’t be matched by the best computers for graphic design. Increased technology has radically cheapened the price on the majority of models. In today’s environment, most everyone can afford a laptop.


Laptops are extremely versatile, portable and very lightweight. There increased RAM and space on hard drives make them much more powerful than laptops in the past. They are able to handle even the most demanding software applications and the longer life of batteries has made them easy to use when away from office or home. Many businesses have wireless spot so that a person can use a laptop while eating a hamburger for lunch.

Laptop’s smaller size eliminates any need for large computer desk and printers, external hard-drives and scanners and more can be connect with a USB cable. Most units now contain built-in web cams, fingerprint readers for more protection and very refined operating systems.

Users and uses

Laptops are perfect for almost every user. Business owners, students, executives, as well as even entertainers can successfully use laptops for documents, spreadsheets, music programs, burning CDs and DVD, edit photos and balancing household budget or planning for a vacation can all be done on laptops. And since most graphic design laptops work with wireless networks, a person can work from almost anywhere in the house, in the backyard or around the swimming pool as well as bed in the evening.


There are some disadvantages also:

  • More expensive that a desktop
  • Smaller screens
  • Navigation pad are terrible and often replaced with a traditional mouse
  • Traditional mouse are awkward to use

But these disadvantages might seem like advantages to others.


In the future, laptops are only going to get more powerful for gaming, photo files and music and this will make laptops the favorite for the majority of users. Newer models will have larger screens, Bluetooth technology and a battery that will last for up to 8 hours on a single charge. Touchscreens will very likely be the rage for laptops in the future. Many of these technologies are on laptops today. Also, with the complexity of graphic design tablets have become very important to have in addition to laptops.


Once you get use to using a laptop it will be hard for you to go back to a desktop. Laptop computers have redefined “workforce mobility” in this the Information Age. They are compact, lightweight computers have all the abilities of a laptop and have been adopted quickly for both personal and professional use. Given the range and the choice of models now available, it is important to weigh several factors before making the decision on whether to buy a laptop or not. Once you get use to using a laptop it becomes very hard to go back to anything bigger. You will be hooked on having your laptop and wonder how you ever lived without one before.

College Students

Among users, this time of the year college students are the ones buying laptops. If they have never had one, they usually get one as a high school graduation present or use any money they were given to buy one.

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How to Identify your Dog’s Joint Problems

September 2, 2014

Many dogs encounter joint problems throughout their life and it affects them in various ways. One major way is looking at their walking, are they limping around? Does your dog hate to walk around, do they have a look of pain on their face?

Elbows and hips are the most common areas to have issues. Here’s a list of signs of joint pain.

  • Stiffness
  • Difficulty standing
  • Limping
  • Won’t do stairs at all
  • Bad temper
  • Joint swelling

If you see any of these symptoms then you want to see the vet. They will recommend a great action for you to do to help your dog. There are many other things you can do, but the number one thing to do first is to ask your vet.

Causes of Joint Pain

Hip Dysplasia and other conditions like elbow dysplasia are inherited conditions. This happens when joints don’t grow properly.

Some diseases also cause joint pain. Von Willebrand’s disease, a type of hemophilia, causes excess bleeding in the joints. This can lead to arthritis-like symptoms. Here’s some other diseases that cause pain: Lyme disease, obesity, arthritis, cancer, and hyperparathyroidism. Be sure to see a vet first thing.

Hopefully, this article has helped shed some light on your dog’s joint issues. One thing that a lot of people do is to buy glucosamine for dogs to help relieve the pain. It’s a fairly common thing to do and feel free to ask your vet about it. It can be used over a long period of time when your dog has a minor joint issue. If you choose to go this path, then here’s a list of the top rated dog glucosamine. Look at it, ask your vet, and then see your dog running around again like normal very soon. Being able to happily play will make not only your dog happy, but you as well.

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